Relational Theory
in Clinical Practice


This program will meet on Wednesday evenings, over Zoom, from 7:00-9 PM Eastern Standard Time, for 15 weeks (with the possibility of an additional Spring semester). The first class will be October 14, 2020. We will not meet on November 25 or December 30, so we anticipate the last class will be on February 20. Since we expect this to be an international group, if there are major holidays of which we are not aware that conflict with our schedule we will adjust accordingly. We will be capping enrollment at 15.

The plan is to teach foundational aspects of Relational theory, but also to include related case presentations and clinical discussion as integral components. We expect to have 5 units. Each unit will include two classes - one focused on some aspect of theory and one focused on clinical applications. Each unit will be led by a different Mitchell Center faculty member who is particularly expert in the topic at hand, so enrollees will have the opportunity to be exposed to a range of ideas and clinical styles. Dr. Lyons will meet with the class for the initial two sessions, and periodically thereafter to facilitate discussion and integration of the material. We will have a more detailed draft of the curriculum posted within the next few weeks.

This program is appropriate for Mental Health professionals and advanced trainees who have at least some familiarity with psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory and practice.

Tuition is $1125. To reserve a place, a deposit of $400 is required.

This course of study will take place over Zoom. For more information, please contact Lisa Lyons, PhD, at

Relational Theory in Clinical Practice
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