2018-2019 Advanced Clinical Seminar

This advanced seminar will focus on the application of clinical theory to therapeutic work in a variety of settings, including clinics, counseling centers, schools, hospitals and others. Our approach will offer the opportunity for participants to present their own work, as well as to consider and participate in discussions about the work of others. Readings will be assigned on a weekly basis, chosen to illustrate effective ways of working, and to illuminate the work under discussion. The combination of case presentation with attention to the application of clinical theory in a variety of modalities is designed to deepen participantsí grasp of theory, sharpen therapeutic skills in a supportive atmosphere, and to gain experience in thinking about and consulting on the work of others. Students will receive a letter acknowledging their participation in the advanced seminar upon completion.

The seminar is open to all students who have completed the first-year Introduction to Relational Thought and Therapy. Instructors are all faculty members of the Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center. The seminar runs from 9/20/2018 to 5/16/2019 and tuition costs are $2600.00.

Adv. Clinical Seminar Tuition

Board of Directors

Anthony Bass, Jessica Benjamin, Margaret Black, Jody Messler Davies

Contact us for more info: stephenmitchellcenter@gmail.com