One-Year Introductory Program for Relational Studies
Rolling events via Zoom
With program co-directors Lauren Levine, PhD, and Anita Herron, PhD.
Email Lauren Levine, PhD and Anita Herron, PhD to RSVP for the next Open House event and to learn more about the program.

Sunday Brunch Colloquium*
Doing the Work During Unprecedented Times
Date & Time: 11:30-1pm EST, Sunday, April 11, 2021
Faculty Panelists: Rossanna Echegoyén, LCSW, and Stacy Malin, Ph.D.
Mitchell Center Graduate Panelists: Alex Broussett, LMFT, and Ieasha Ramsay, LCSW.
Email Alan Kintzer, PhD, for more info or to RSVP.


Sunday Brunch Colloquium: Unconscious Communication & Dissociation
Presenter: Shari Appollon, LCSW
Discussants: Anthony Bass, Ph.D. & Kathleen Pogue White, Ph.D.

Conference: Surviving Destruction
Riverside Church, New York City
Speakers: Margaret Black Mitchell, LCSW, Jessica Benjamin, Ph.D., Alan Kintzer, Ph.D., Lauren Levine, Ph.D., Stacey Malin, Ph.D., Lisa Director, Ph.D., Darlene Ehrenberg, Ph.D., Rachel Kabasakalian-McKay, Ph.D., Anthony Bass, Ph.D., Cynthia Medalie, LCSW, Sandy Silverman, LCSW, Amy Schwartz Cooney, Ph.D., Jody Messler Davies, Ph.D., Deborah Waxenberg, Ph.D., Tom Johnson, Ph.D., Cleonie White, Ph.D.

Sunday Brunch Colloquium: Forgiveness
Panelists: Martin Frommer, Ph.D, Alan Kintzer, Ph.D, Maria Lechich, Ph.D., Sandy Silverman, LCSW

Sunday Brunch Colloquium: Interpreting Histories of Perpetration: Clinical Challenges

Conference: Inhabiting Mutuality
Riverside Church, New York City
Speakers: Jessica Benjamin, Ph.D., Amy Schwartz Cooney, Ph.D., Jody Messler Davies, Ph.D., Janine dePeyer, LCSW, Lisa Lyons, Ph.D., Margaret Black Mitchell, LCSW, Spyros Orfanos, Ph.D., Sandy Silverman, LCSW, Rachel Sopher, LCSW, Paul Wachtel, Ph.D.
Panels: Analytic Theory and Clinical Sensibility; Mutual Vulnerability; Re-imagining Analytic Love Event Flyer

Conference: Relational Analysts Engage The Kleinian Tradition
New York Blood Center, New York City
Speakers: Neil Altman, Ph.D., Anthony Bass, Ph.D., Jessica Benjamin, Ph.D., Margaret Black, LCSW, Chris Bonovitz, Ph.D., Martin Frommer, Ph.D., Tom Johnson, Ph.D., Maria Lechich, Ph.D., Clem Loew, Ph.D., Spyros Orfanos, Ph.D., Amy Schwartz Cooney, Ph.D., Joyce Slochower, Ph.D., Melanie Suchet, Ph.D.
Panels: Love, Hate and Envy; Guilt and Reparation; Forgiveness; The Relational Klein: Past, Present and Future Event Flyer

*Sunday Brunch Colloquia are open to Mitchell Center graduates of any one-year program.