Education & Training

The Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center exists for the purposes of educating professional psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, and the public-at-large about the nature, theory, clinical practice and practical utilization of relational psychoanalysis. The Mitchell Center provides opportunities for the investigation and development of relational psychoanalysis through training and education, and by convening conferences, seminars, and public lectures.

Due to Covid, all programming is currently being offered over zoom, including the following:

  • One-Year Introductory Program in Relational Studies
      The One-Year Introductory Program in Relational Studies is the first of its kind. We provide a unique opportunity to dive into relational theory and clinical practice with internationally recognized faculty, the founding, leading, and emerging voices in Relational Psychoanalysis. We critically examine the shift from Freud’s “blank screen” to the mutative impact of the relational matrix and the analytic relationship, including interrogating race, class, gender, sexuality and the sociopolitical. This program is open to licensed and license-eligible mental health professionals.
  • Advanced Clinical Seminar
      The Advanced Clinical Seminar is a one-year clinical case seminar focusing specifically on the exploration of students' clinical practice. This program is led by a rotating group of our faculty and open to graduates of the One-Year Introductory Program in Relational Studies.
  • Relational Theory in Clinical Practice
      This program is a 15-session seminar-style online program that addresses basic Relational theory and related clinical applications. The current syllabus, although subject to change, includes an overview of the development of Relational thinking; multiplicity, dissociation and the Relational model of mind; the Relational unconscious; enactment; Ferenczi and mutuality; trauma, hate, destructiveness; and inter-subjectivity. All classes are taught by Mitchell Center faculty, including both seminal thinkers in the field and newer voices. This program is appropriate for mental health professionals and advanced trainees.
  • Seminar Series
      Our Seminar Series is a series of discrete one- to three-session seminars on topics related to Relational theory and clinical work. Seminars typically address either foundational Relational concepts, including seminars focused on one seminal thinker, or the elaboration of Relational thinking and clinical work into new domains. Recent seminars have addressed such topics as the work of Ferenczi; unconscious communication; climate change; and work with self-injuring and suicidal patients. All seminars are taught by Mitchell Center faculty and open to the general professional public.
  • Other Events
      Occasionally, we offer other forms of programming, such as conferences and colloquia. These events consist of a single session. Colloquia are open to those who have completed any one-year program at the Stephen Mitchell Center. Conferences are open to all.
  • All programs take place in United States Eastern Standard Time.

    A complete list of the Mitchell Center Faculty can be found here: Faculty Information