Advanced Clinical Seminar



Contact Jody Davies, Ph.D., Director, for more information about this program.

Our 2023-24 class is now filled.
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The Advanced Clinical Seminar focuses on the application of clinical theory to therapeutic work in a variety of settings, including clinics, counseling centers, schools, hospitals and others. Our approach offers the opportunity for participants to present their own work, as well as to consider and participate in discussions about the work of others. Readings are assigned on a weekly basis, chosen to illustrate effective ways of working, and to illuminate the work under discussion. The combination of case presentation with attention to the application of clinical theory is designed to deepen participantsí grasp of theory and sharpen participants' therapeutic skills in a supportive atmosphere, as well as to allow participants to gain experience in thinking about and consulting on the work of others.

This seminar is open to any who have completed our one-year Introductory Program in Relational Studies and/or Relational Theory in Clinical Practice. Instructors are faculty members of the Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center. Seminar sessions run weekly on Thursdays, 7-9p EST, from September through May.

For more information, please contact Jody Davies, PhD.

The Advanced Clinical Seminar is only open to those who have completed one of our year-long programs. To inquire about applying and registering for this program, contact Tony Bass, PhD . Tuition for the full year program is $2000.00. We ask for a non-refundable $400 deposit due June 15 to hold your spot. Once the year has begun, we cannot offer refunds. Note that we do not offer CE credit for this program.

Advanced Clinical Seminar
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Sessions 1 & 2: Jody Davies, PhD
Sessions 3 & 4: Lisa Lyons, PhD
Sessions 5 & 6: Tony Bass, PhD
Sessions 7 & 8: Peter Kaufmann, PhD
Sessions 9 & 10: Steven Kuchuck, PhD
Session 11: Jody Davies, PhD

Sessions 12 & 13: Zina Steinberg, PhD
Sessions 14 & 15: Jessica Benjamin, PhD
Sessions 16 & 17: Deborah Waxenberg, PhD
Sessions 18 & 19: Tom Johnson
Session 20: Jody Davies, PhD
Sessions 21 & 22: Jill Salberg, PhD
Sessions 23 & 24: Debbie Liner, PhD
Sessions 25 & 26: Steven Cooper, PhD
Sessions 27 & 28: Maria Lechich, PhD
Session 29 & 30: Jody Davies, PhD

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